Regarding Health       Concern
Why Organic
  1. To eliminate toxic chemicals in every step of the growing processs, by emphasizing natural, biological methods which have far less impact on the environment.
  2. The will to fight against the negative environmental impact of the conventional industry.
  3. The difficulty for consumers to clearly recognize Eco-friendly processed textile products.
  4. To reap all the benefits of cotton’s beauty, comfort and strength, while minimizing harm to people and the planet
  5. To recognize the need for sustainable existence.
  6. To unify the differences in a way that will provide meaningful protection to the environment, all workers from the fields to the factories, and to the health and well being of the consumer.
  7. To be an environmentally & socially ethical fashionist
  8. The necessity for the professionals of the “clean” textile industry to promote their know how.

Regarding Health Concern

Consumers want natural and organic fibers:

The skin is our biggest organ. It contributes to the metabolism and to the respiration of the body. It is sensitive to heat and cold, to humidity and to dryness.

The choice of clothing has an important influence on the well-being. The pure natural fibre is in a certain way a continuation of the human skin on the outside. It lets the skin breathe. Synthetic fibres however do not allow this breathing and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Cotton is very skin kind because it allows circulating air and it does not hinder the skin in the humidity. Especially for allergic persons it is very recommendable, due to its smooth fibre surface.

Allergies and asthma arise from loss of the body’s natural resistance to allergens, often beginning with early exposure to the incredibly intensive chemical farming and industrial treatment, of the foods we eat, and fabrics we wear and sleep on. 

Our ancestors did not suffer these maladies, because modern industry since 1945 has chemically saturated everything: our homes, fabrics, foods, and air.

Try replacing conventional bedding with untreated organic cotton sheets and bedding. These natural fibres breathe better, and so do their owners.


Environmental Concern

From the early days of the industrial revolution, the textile industry has been seen as a major polluter of rivers .Textile effluents were generally all directed to watercourses, often with no prior treatment to remove contaminants.

Now the situation has evolved and the textile industry is closely regulated but still most of the chemicals and dyes entering in the textile process are of petrochemical origin.
When consumers buy an organic textile, they want to participate to the reduction of pollution. They are not concerned only by their well being but they want to encourage the “Clean textile Industry”.

Recent climatic changes has made people realized that human impact on the environment will lead to unbearable living conditions.

If we want to live in harmony with nature, we should urgently reduce any type of pollution and the use of chemicals.

Before the industrial revolution, textile industry was using natural product, if they could do it by then, we are able to do it now!


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